Friday, 20 November 2009

Council warns against Hoax Calls

Pembrokeshire County Council is warning householders to be on their guard against a spate of hoax phone calls purporting to be from the Authority.

The Council has been contacted by residents who have received calls claiming to be from an organisation that has reviewed their Council Tax account.

The caller says the resident is entitled to a refund because they have overpaid. It is then claimed that to enable the refund to be made, the caller requires details of the householder's personal bank account.

Council spokesman, Len Mullins, warned the calls were bogus and were in no way connected to the Authority.

"Under no circumstances should residents provide bank details over the telephone to anyone unless they are certain the call is genuine" he explained.

"In cases where a customer has overpaid Council Tax, we will issue a revised bill to advise them of the value of that overpayment."

He added that police had been informed of the hoax calls.


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