Friday, 20 November 2009

'For their sake' drive carefully call to parents in Swansea

Motorists are being targeted in a new safe driving campaign aimed at getting parents to drive more safely and set a good example to their children.

The 'For their sake' campaign includes posters which have gone up on the back of buses in Swansea and at bus shelters across the city highlighting bad habits committed by thousands of drivers every day.

Acts such as speeding, texting at the wheel and not wearing a seatbelt are still common factors with drivers even though they are all illegal.

Swansea Council's Road Safety Team is hoping to reinforce the safety messages to motorists by highlighting the fact that often children sat in vehicles are watching what their parents are doing and are likely to copy them later in life.

Jeff Green, County Road Safety Officer in Swansea Council said, "Children sat in the rear of vehicles can easily see what is going on when parents are at the wheel. If they can see that the parents are speeding, texting or not even wearing a seatbelt, they may think its ok.

"Hopefully the 'For their sake' campaign will strike a chord with parents and make them more aware that their children pay attention to what they do and that they need to set a good example behind the wheel."

Backing the campaign, South Wales Police Road Safety Manager Wayne Tucker said, "It is clear that some people are still ignoring the fact that not wearing a seatbelt, driving while using a mobile or speeding could kill you.

"We are committed to reducing deaths on our roads and would urge everyone to drive responsibly and it is vital that parents set a good example."


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