Thursday, 19 November 2009

Warning on council tax phone scam

Denbighshire's Council Tax team is calling for the public to be vigilant against a phone scam where callers claim they can either increase the amount of benefits you receive or say they can apply for a refund as there is a scheme being funded by the Welsh Assembly Government.

This scam has been happening in parts of the country and a small number of incidents have been reported in
Denbighshire where residents have been called and told by the caller they can maximise the benefits or council tax received and then go on to ask for personal bank account details.

Ken Jones,
Denbighshire's Head of Revenues and Benefits, said: "This is despicable fraudulent behaviour and the council wants to raise awareness of these kinds of calls, to make sure people do not give personal banking details over the phone to these unscrupulous individuals.

"We would advise residents never to give their personal banking details over the phone, unless they are 100% sure they are speaking to a professional individual working on behalf of a recognised organisation. If you're in any doubt, take the caller's number and check validity before calling back. Anyone working in a professional capacity won't mind you doing this."


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