Sunday, 22 November 2009

Warning on council tax phone scam

Powys residents are being warned of a potential scam involving people claiming to be from the local council tax office.

Powys County Council is issuing the warning following reports from other parts of Wales where people are making unsolicited telephone calls to householders asking for their bank account details. Householders were asked to hand over their details under the pretence they were due a council tax refund.

Tony Price from
Powys County Council, explains: "This scam has now been reported in other parts of the Wales and UK so we want to ensure residents are aware of it.

"We do not make unsolicited calls to householders to ask for their bank account details. Only
Powys County Council has the ability to arrange a council tax refund and we ask people to fill in specific forms in order to arrange this.

"Don’t give out your personal or private details unless you have instigated the call and are sure that the person you are speaking to is completely genuine."

The council advises that if you are uncertain if any caller is genuine, ask for the person's name and extension number, then call the council tax switchboard on 01597 827463 or 0845 602 7033 and ask to be put through to them.


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