Friday, 21 August 2009

Gwent Police Film Chalks up Over 1 Million Views

Further to our report on Wednesday - YouTube Success for Gwent Police DVD we are happy to report:

‘Cow’ , the hard hitting film made by Gwent Police about a teenage girl who causes four deaths by texting while driving broke through the 1 million online viewings barrier today as the phenomenal global interest in the film shows no signs of abating.

Last night Fox TV News in the U.S discussed the value of using shock tactics like this to engage drivers illegally using mobile phones. The U.S. media giant also showed clips of the film during a news piece earlier this week relating to a Bill currently going though the U.S. Senate which would require each U.S. State to ban texting and driving within two years.

Following the Premiere of the film in Tredegar earlier in the summer clips of the film were posted on You Tube and other similar sites by
Gwent Police in the hope that as many people as possible viewed them and saw the dangers of texting and driving.

The clips have become what are known as "viral videos", where web users across the world have been copying and passing on links to others and discussing the content in chat rooms and on blogs. This has meant that the clip has become the most viewed film on You Tube this week.

Gwent’s Chief Constable, Mick Giannasi, who is also National ACPO lead for Roads Policing in the UK, said he was delighted that the film had been viewed by so many people.

“The messages contained in the film are as relevant to the people of Tennessee as they are to the residents of
Tredegar. Texting and driving can have tragic consequences and the more this film is viewed the better.”


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