Wednesday, 19 August 2009

YouTube Success for Gwent Police DVD

A hard hitting film made by Gwent Police about a teenage girl who causes four deaths by texting while driving is currently outstripping Usain Bolt’s world record beating 100 meter sprint on the You Tube website. The clip has been viewed more than half a million times in the past week.

Producers of the film, which is called COW, say that in a new phenomenon called "viral video", web users across the world, including India and South America, have been copying and passing on a link to a four minute clip of the film. This has meant that the clip has become the most viewed film on You Tube this week.

The thirty minute film is to be shown on BBC Wales in October this year.

It tells the story of a fictional 17 year old, Cassie Cowan, who is distracted for a few seconds while driving with two friends. She causes a devastating crash which kills her friends, and another couple.

Gwent’s Chief Constable, Mick Giannasi, who is also National ACPO lead for Roads Policing, said he was astonished but encouraged by the way news of the film has spread via internet users.

“We’ve had callers from Canada ringing our Force Control Room to tell us how moved they’ve been by viewing the clip.” he said.

“Another young driver from Cornwall e-mailed me personally to say he was deeply moved by the film and that it should be shown as part of the theory test for young drivers. I’ve told him that’s exactly the response we aimed for when we worked with Fire and Rescue, the Ambulance Service and the South East Wales helicopter to facilitate the highly realistic crash scene. I want as many young people, and indeed families, as possible to view the entire film, which details the consequences of such a tragedy on communities like ours.”

The force is now working on a schools learning pack so that every teenager over 14 should get the chance to view the film, and learn about the dangers of using mobile phones while driving. It will also be shown around Gwent over the Autumn. The clip is currently featured on BBC Wales news online.

The film was directed by Peter Watkins-Hughes. The film was made with the help of Blaenau Gwent Education, Gwent Police Shrievalty Trust, the Film School at the University of Wales and Legal and General.

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  1. At last...... Exceptional film, true to life.


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