Monday, 24 August 2009

Pembrokeshire RNLI Lifeguards and Lifeboats in Joint Rescue

RNLI lifeguard Scott Candler and Little and Broad Haven inshore RNLI lifeboat worked together to bring a boat and two sailors safely to shore yesterday (Sunday 23 August) at Broad Haven beach.

The two men had been sailing a hobiecat when due to high winds, the boat capsized. One of the men who had become detached from the capsized boat attempted to swim the 500 metres to shore while the other remained with the boat.

RNLI lifeguard, Scott Candler, comments:

‘I swam out from the beach to aid the man in. He was pretty tired from the long swim and was very grateful for the RNLI’s assistance. I handed him over to the land ambulance paramedics.’

Andy Grey, Little and Broad Haven RNLI Lifeboat Operations Manager says:

‘The boat was towed in by our inshore lifeboat crew on Sunday. There was strong current that day so the boat had drifted approximately two miles by the time we reached it. Our aim is to work together with the RNLI lifeguards to provide an integrated rescue service from the beach to the open sea. It is fantastic to see successful rescues such as this take place.’

Photograph: Scott Candler


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