Friday, 14 August 2009

Profile: Roger Evans - actor

Inspired by numerous quizzes on the likes of social networking sites such as Facebook, this is the second in a series of profiles of people we at Welsh Icons feel to be contributors to the cultural life of Wales. If you would like to nominate someone for a profile please email

Roger Evans left Cardiff for London in 1985 with a dream of working in the music industry. Having done that, he then became an actor and has had many small parts on film and TV productions including: Harry Potter, Eastenders, Holby City, The Bill and Hotel Babylon. He's currently producing his first movie: The Scared of Death Society, which should be on screens in 2010.

Roger hopes to visit Wales more regularly, once the roadworks on the M4 are completed.

WI: What is you're favorite place in Wales?

RE: Too many to choose from - whether it's the coastline of West Wales or the mountains of Snowdonia. However, having grown up in Cardiff, I'll have to chose the capital. There's a particular view from the Wenault overlooking
Cardiff and the Bay, so the whole area I grew up in is spread out in front of you. You can only really appreciate it in the Autumn and Winter when the leaves are off the trees.

WI: Favorite Welsh band or musician?

RE: Tom Jones - a great ambassador for Wales

WI: Favorite Welsh food or drink?

RE: Brains Dark followed by chips and curry sauce from Caroline Street

WI: What does Wales mean to you?

RE: Home

WI: What do you most miss about Wales when you are away?

RE: Family and friends.


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