Friday, 14 August 2009

Top Welsh bands according to some website or other

IT'S about as unscientific as it gets, but it's an excuse to put more music up and we're always keen to do that, and always keen to hear in comments, email or via Facebook, the Welsh music you're enjoying.

Website has a poll up for the best Welsh band, and these are their top five, only about 200 people voted so it's as valid as a newspaper poll, but we hope you enjoy these videos on a Freeday afternoon.

Number one, and judging by youtube, the band most people want to video themselves covering, is Bullet For My Valentine. Normally their guitars go chuggachuggathrum but these ones are acoustic so they can't really go chuggachuggathrum - the band continue unhampered!

Lost Prophets are number two, and they also spend a fair amount of their time making their guitars go chuggachuggathrum - to rather pleasing effect I'm sure you'll all agree.

The Manic Street Preachers have been making their guitars make all sorts of exiting noises for an awfully long time now, through tragedy and triumph in fact. As I'm choosing, you get the video that is notable among their output as being the only one to feature a Swedish blonde, make of that what you will.

We've been plugging the Cwmaman Music Festival on Welsh Icons News for a while, and when the wider world hears the word Cwmaman, I'm afraid it's very likely to say "What?" but if it thinks a bit, it might then say, "Oh, Sterephonics!" I don't know if it's true, but I believe there's a bylaw in Cardiff which makes it compulsory for a 'Phonics song to be playing in public somewhere at all times. As I was watching Crash the other night, here's the song that plays very beautifully over the closing credits.

Last of the poll's top five is the no-longer-with-us Catatonia. I met Cerys from Catatonia once and said, rather lamely, "I just wanted to say hello to you, so I could tell my friends I said hello to a popstar." Lamely, but truly. Again, it's my choice so you get my favourite, they might have had a poll but this ain't no democracy.


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