Thursday, 27 August 2009

Squash your cartons to win dream trip

YOU could win a trip of a lifetime simply by squashing empty milk cartons if you live in Swansea.

Swansea Council has teamed up with drinks carton manufacturers Tetra Pak to encourage residents to squash their cartons before they dispose of them.

As part of the How do you squash Yours? campaign residents are invited to come up with the most original way to squash their empty cartons and submit a film of it to the campaign website.

The most original and funny clip, voted by the public, will win the film-maker a chance-in-a-lifetime prize such as a trip to South Africa.

The Council has installed special recycling banks at its civic amentiy sites so that residents can recycle their cartons. The campaign aims to get more cartons in them before collection vehicles empty them. This could cut down on the number of journeys the vehicles have to make during the year.

Fay Dashper, Tetra Pak's Recycling Operations Manager, said: "The response to the carton recycling facilities in Swansea has been great, but we want everyone to be able to make the most of them.

"We were surprised to find out just how much difference squashing cartons could make to increasing the capacity for people to recycle; at least three times more cartons can be included in the collection trucks.

"We're also hoping people can have fun coming up with new ways of squashing their cartons. Our team certainly has!"

Trish Flint, Swansea Council's Recycling Officer, said, "We are supporting the How do you squash Yours? competition to get more people squashing every time they recycle because this helps reduce the number of vehicles needed for collecting material.

"Residents have responded really well to the availability of carton recycling facilities in the area, but we wanted to do something exciting to encourage them to recycle as many of their cartons as possible."

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