Friday, 13 November 2009

All Wales Convention report publication date is set

Sir Emyr Jones Parry, Chair of the All Wales Convention, has announced that the All Wales Convention’s report on the law-making powers of the National Assembly for Wales will be formally presented to First Minister Rhodri Morgan and Deputy First Minister Ieuan Wyn Jones at the Senedd, Cardiff Bay, on the morning of Wednesday, 18th November 2009.

The report will comment on how informed the people of Wales are about the devolution process, assess the merits of the different options by which the National Assembly for Wales can obtain more powers, and consider the issues potentially impacting on voting behaviour in any referendum in Wales. The decision on whether or not to propose a referendum to the National Assembly for Wales will be taken by the Assembly Government.

The public consultation started in January this year and, through a comprehensive series of meetings, it has collated over 2,000 opinions and 700 pieces of formal evidence from people and organisations throughout Wales.

The report will be evidence based, drawing from the Convention’s extensive consultation process and supported by a comprehensive social research programme. It will evaluate the present constitutional arrangements offer conclusions based on evidence gathered and make recommendations to the Welsh Assembly Government relevant to the holding of a referendum.

Sir Emyr and the Convention’s Executive Committee will also hold a briefing event on the 18th of November to give an opportunity for interested parties to learn more about the Convention’s recommendations and to pose questions to the Convention. Those interested in attending this event should register by contacting the Convention on 029 2089 8187 or emailing

Sir Emyr Jones Parry, said:

“I made an offer to the people of Wales at the beginning of this process – any views on any aspect from anyone, anywhere in Wales. We have received nearly 3,000 views and the report will reflect these. As such, we believe our recommendations deserve serious consideration by all involved in the governance of Wales and I look forward to presenting the report on November 18th, only one month away.”


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