Thursday, 5 November 2009

AM witnesses bluestone's rise from muddy field to multi-million pound tourist attraction

The transformation of a muddy field into a multi-million pound tourist attraction has been praised by Preseli Pembrokeshire AM Paul Davies.

Mr Davies visited the site of Bluestone soon after ground breaking work began three years ago.

He was invited back for a revisit and bowled over by what has arisen out of the mud.

“When I last visited I was an Assembly candidate and I went with the shadow environment minister to learn about Bluestone’s green credentials,” explained Mr Davies.

“The major ground-breaking work had just begun and it was a wet Autumn so all you could see in every direction was mud.

“We were given a presentation in the old farmhouse - at the time it was the only building in a sea of brown - but now it’s sited between the Blue Lagoon and the sports centre.

“It’s easy to forget what an incredible transformation has taken place on these Pembrokeshire fields but because I hadn’t been there for three years I got the full impact of their achievement.

“The Blue Lagoon is a wonderful facility for Pembrokeshire and I was very impressed by the build quality and attention to detail in the lodges.”

Photograph: Bluestone rising: Paul Davies AM is pictured with Richard Harries and Liz Weedon from the Bluestone team.


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