Thursday, 19 November 2009

The authentic sound of traditional Chinese music comes to Lampeter

In a free concert at the University of Wales Lampeter on 27 November 2009, the Nanjing University Orchestra will provide a rare opportunity to hear indigenous melodies from the Chinese province of Southern Jiangsu, as well as traditional pieces reflecting the unique character of other regions.

Specialising in recreating the authentic sound of traditional Chinese music on instruments such bamboo flute and zheng, better known in the west as the zither, the orchestra has received world-wide praise for their refreshing and original rendering of traditional Chinese folk songs and dance music.

Founded in 1996, Nanjing University Traditional Instrument Orchestra is composed of a group of dedicated undergraduate, graduate and doctoral students from various departments of the university, such as Literature, History, Philosophy, Law, Economics, Business Management, Natural Sciences, Engineering Science and Medical Science. The amateur orchestra has toured the United States, Japan, Korea and Malaysia, giving over 300 performances since its inception, winning numerous competitions and gaining and enthusiastic following.

The orchestra promises a lively evening of entertainment with a repertoire that includes:

Celebration Jasmine Flower – Ensemble

The Early Spring Morning on the Snow Mountain – Zheng solo.

The Spring of Xiangjiang River – bamboo flute solo

Melody of South Jiangsu and Horse Racing - Erhu Ensemble

The concert will take place at 8pm on Friday, 27 November 2009 in the Arts Hall, UWL. It is sponsored by The Confucius Institute at the University of Wales Lampeter, whose remit is to foster enjoyment of Chinese language and culture among people of all ages across Wales.

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