Thursday, 5 November 2009

Bala Speeding Cases

On 1st March 2009 Arrive Alive commenced targeted speed enforcement operations on a short stretch of the B4391 at Bala which had been identified as a Community Concern Site (Arrive Alive, renamed GoSafe/GanBwyll, is now part of the Wales Road Casualty Reduction Partnership as of 1st April this year).

At that time it was believed that the speed limit in force was 30mph following a revision by Gwynedd County Council in 1993 of the Traffic order which had previously designated that stretch of the B4391 as a 40mph limit. The stretch of road in question is from the junction of the A494 to some 830 metres south just after the junction of a side road to the Industrial Estate.

Following an enquiry by a member of the public, Gwynedd County Council carried out a review of the relevant road traffic order and discovered that the original road traffic order had not been revoked. Consequently, despite a system of street lighting properly reflecting a 30mph speed limit the section of the road was still in fact the subject of a 40mph speed restriction.

In August 2009 Gwynedd County Council passed on its concerns to the North Wales Police and the Wales Road Casualty Reduction Partnership (Arrive Alive) and speed enforcement was immediately suspended in the area.

Approximately 300 drivers were captured on camera by the Arrive Alive unit, on that stretch of road, travelling in excess of 30mph between 1st March and 31st July 2009. Given that the original order had not been revoked by the Council there was no basis to proceed with the enforcement of any traffic offences.

Accordingly North Wales Police have today written to the drivers involved in order to rectify the situation.

North Wales Police are also investigating the legality of a very small number of other alleged speeding offences on this stretch of road where drivers were stopped and dealt with by Roads Policing officers in the last 5 years.

Gwynedd County Council have been advised of the Partnership decision and are taking steps to rectify the situation.

The individuals concerned will be contacted further in writing in the near future advising them of any action which may be necessary.

North Wales Police have requested that members of the public refrain from contacting them on the general telephone line. Those affected will be advised of the relevant contact details.


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