Sunday, 15 November 2009

Barti Ddu sails in Captain Morgan's sea lanes

A Welsh Black Bart, Barti Ddu, is docking at the Wales Millennium Centre tomorrow for a swashbuckling adventure for children of all ages.

We've had our share of sea dogs throughout history, including the most famous of them all, Captain Morgan so Barti's celebrating a real Welsh tradion.

Sharpen your swords and have your wits about you as you join brave Barti and his friend, the pirate doctor Gumbo as they cross stormy seas on their quest to win back their beloved ship.
There are skeletons, horrible monsters and the evil Sea Witch and maybe even a few cannibals to face along the way in this bustling, animated Welsh language pantomime production.

Your sea legs will get a work out with a show packed full of singing, dancing and sword fights, with a live band to make you feel as though you’re part of Barti Ddu's crew.

Full details of tickets, reductions and pre-show meal deals at


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