Thursday, 19 November 2009

Be seen! Be safe

Be seen! Be safe. This is the message from the Towyn and Kinmel Bay Neighbourhood Policing Team in the run up to Christmas.

The team will be concentrating on two areas, safety of cyclists and safety of pedestrians, when they will be engaging in education and enforcement as part of an ongoing operation designed to get people seen on the roadside in the dark.

PC Steve Thomas said: "It is imperative as the nights get darker that parents ensure that their children will be seen in the dark, whether they are walking or on bicycles.

"We as a neighbourhood team implore parents not to let children go out on bicycles in the dark without lights. Drivers don't get ideal vision in poor street lighting and dark conditions, put a little bit of rain into the mix and the outcome can be fatal."

He added: "If you're going to get someone special a new bike for Christmas, please invest that little bit extra and get a set of lights for the bike. Remember, it is still a requirement in law for bikes to have lights on them."

In the run up to Christmas, officers will be stopping and speaking with children that have no lights on their bikes and they will carry out home visits.

Remember lights are a requirement......not an option!

PC Thomas went on to highlight the dangers to pedestrians: "Whilst cyclists require lights in the dark, it is also worth remembering that you should ensure you and your children are visible when walking, even on the pavement."

"Very inexpensive reflective wrist or arm bands can save your life. Remember; wear bright coloured clothing when out in the dark."

Photograph: PCSO Chris Donaldson is pictured with his new bike light


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