Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Caring for carers in Cardiff and Vale

Many people rely on a carer for support and the biggest worry for carers is how the family member who relies on them would cope if anything happened to their carer.

Social services care staff at both the Vale of Glamorgan and Cardiff Councils had heard these worries from carers they work with and they decided to do something to help.

As a result they decided to introduce ‘Carers Emergency Cards’, credit sized cards that carers carry at all times. If something should happen to a carer, such as an accident or sudden illness, the card alerts the emergency services that there is someone who relies on the carer who cannot manage without help. All the person finding the card in the carer’s purse or wallet needs to do is telephone the number on the card and quote the card’s number.

Social services will hold emergency contact details taken when the carer registers for the scheme and with a brief phone call can arrange help for the person who is looked after by the carer.

Councillor Dorothy Turner, Vale council cabinet member for social services, said: "The Carers Emergency Card is a joint initiative between the
Vale of Glamorgan Council and Cardiff Council. We’ve introduced the scheme in direct response to carers telling us that one of their biggest concerns is what would happen to the person they care for if they are not around.

"All carers need to do is register the details of the person they care for and give us contacts for three people who are willing and able to stand in for the carer in an emergency. If they do not have people to stand in for them our social services teams will be alerted and they can make arrangements."

Cllr Judith Woodman,
Cardiff Council carers champion, commented: "Carers have told us that they want to know that the person they care for will be looked after if there is an emergency which leaves them unable to get home or make alternative arrangements. The scheme will help carers think about what support the person they care for would need in an emergency and who they would like to provide that support. We hope that by operating this scheme, it gives peace of mind and helps to alleviate some of the stress for those carers who tirelessly care for their loved ones."

Carers can register for the scheme following a carer’s assessment. To ask for a carers assessment phone the relevant number for your council -
Vale of Glamorgan Council: Contact OneVale 01446 700111. Cardiff Council: Contact & Assessment Team 029 2053 6444. Carers who have had a carer’s assessment in the last six months should contact the person who completed their assessment, or the carers officer for their council. If you live in the Vale contact 01446 704604 or email and for Cardiff contact 029 2087 3631 or email


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