Sunday, 15 November 2009

Carmarthenshire Local Development Plan

Residents of Carmarthenshire are being asked for their views on how they would like the county to look in 2021.

The Pre-Deposit Preferred Strategy represents the first important stage of the Local Development Plan (LDP) process. Developed following consultation and participation, the Strategy sets out the direction of the LDP and provides the strategic framework for future stages of the Plan.

It details the social, economic and environmental issues and trends within the county and the Plan’s Vision and Objectives.

The Pre-Deposit Preferred Strategy sets out the key issues facing the county; the Vision and Objectives - how the County wants to look in 2021; and key strategic growth and spatial options – how much growth is needed and broadly where it should go.

The Pre-Deposit Preferred Strategy is available for public consultation until January 4, 2010, and the council is inviting comments on its content.

Detailed policies and proposals are not included within the Preferred Strategy and will be set out within the Deposit LDP document later into the preparation process. When completed, the LDP will cover the period through to 2021 and will set out where housing, employment and other developments will be take place as well as identifying those areas of the County worthy of protection.

In preparing the LDP, the Council has undertaken a Sustainability Assessment/Strategic Environmental Assessment (SA/SEA) and Habitat Regulations Assessment (HRA). The SA/SEA of the Plan ensures that the effects on the environmental, social and economic factors in the County are reflected in the LDP. The impacts of any land use on European designated conservation sites are assessed by means of a HRA.

The Pre-Deposit Preferred Strategy is available to view on the Council’s website, at customer service centres, selected Council offices and at libraries throughout the County. Comments will need to be submitted in writing using the questionnaire forms provided.

Senior Forward Planning Officer Ian Llewelyn said that “The consultation period for the Pre-Deposit Preferred Strategy provides an opportunity for interested parties, communities and stakeholders to get involved and influence the course of the LDP”.

For the latest information on the LDP and the process to date visit the Council’s website at For further information please contact us on 01267 228818.


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