Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Dangerous vehicles lead to clamp down on roadside car sales

Swansea Trading Standards has joined forces with local police and the Vehicle and Operator Services Agency to clamp down on the illegal sale of dangerous vehicles at the roadside.

Motorists in the city are being urged to avoid buying a car that is being sold on the side of the road after the joint investigation highlighted a list of problems with cars that could potentially make them dangerous to drive.

Trading Standards is advising that people should only purchase vehicles from reputable car dealers after the cars investigated were found to have a number of problems.

Some had previously been written off by insurance companies and since repaired. A number of the cars were completely unroadworthy and some had been repaired using parts from stolen vehicles.

David Picken, Swansea Council's Trading Standards Officer, said: "There is a growing problem in the city with businesses posing as private sellers and using roadside sites to offload unsafe cars to consumers. Many of these cars are unroadworthy and have been repaired using stolen parts.

"Vehicles sold in this manner generate complaints from local residents and legitimate motor traders who see this as unfair competition as the sellers do not have an established place of business and often try to disguise themselves as private sellers. This makes it more difficult to enforce your rights as a consumer.

"More importantly people who purchase these vehicles could be putting their lives at risk."

Acting Detective Inspector Simon Evans of South Wales Police said: "This is another good example of Partnerships working together to combat criminal activity involving motor vehicles.

"My advice to anyone who is considering buying a vehicle on the roadside is to stop and think because you could be buying a whole load of trouble and there will be little or no comeback if things do go wrong.

"Anyone looking to buy a second had vehicle should use a known reputable dealer or garage. I would urge anyone with information on individuals who are selling vehicles which are un road worthy to contact South Wales Police on 101."

Guidance on buying a used motor car is available at


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