Friday, 6 November 2009

Darran House, Deri: The Mine, the Medal and the Men

Deri residents joined together recently to commemorate the people who lost their lives during the Darran Pit Disaster.

More than 50 residents flocked to Deri Library to meet Julia McDonald, author of the recently published book "Darran House, Deri: The Mine, the Medal and the Men." During her visit Julia delighted the crowd with anecdotes of her time writing and researching the book.

The event was publicised throughout the borough and saw an excellent turn out with the library filled to maximum capacity.

Julia, who received a warm welcome from the residents, presented the library with a framed display of the copy of the original petition sent to the Home Secretary Winston Churchill.

The petition contains 272 names of local people respectfully requesting William Evans be considered for the Edward Medal, after assisting to save lives during the devastating disaster.

In turn the Library staff and organisers Dori and Julie Thomas gifted Julia with crystal clock engraved with the Deri emblem of Oak leaves and acorns and a personal inscription from the people of Deri, as a thank you for writing the book that marked such an important day in the history of the valley.

For further information about the book or the history society, please call 01443 875 549.


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