Monday, 9 November 2009

Denbighshire premises pass fireworks sales test with flying colours

No premises sold fireworks to underage youngsters during test purchases carried out by Denbighshire Trading Standards.

14 premises were visited in the run up to bonfire night and all refused to sell fireworks to youngsters taking part in the undercover operation.

Councillor Sharon Frobisher, Cabinet Lead Member for Safeguarding Communities said "The results of the operation show that retailers are acting responsibly by refusing to sell fireworks if they believe the customer to be underage.

"It is our duty as a council to protect the well-being of young people and to make sure that retailers are fully aware of the law. We will continue to carry out test purchases of fireworks and other age restricted goods, to make sure that people follow the law and will take action against those that fail to comply."

Any member of the public concerned about the sales of goods to underage people should contact Trading Standards on 01824 706057.


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