Monday, 2 November 2009

Find out more about Gwynedd's successful play schemes

Children from across Gwynedd have been enjoying themselves at play schemes throughout the county this year - with nearly 2,000 of them participating in 18 play schemes held during the summer.

A wide variety of fun activities were held by the county’s leisure centres, volunteers and organisations such as the Urdd and Ysbyty Gwynedd. Indeed, the hundreds of questionnaires which have been completed prove that the children had a huge amount of fun.

Ceri Rhiannon, Gwynedd Play Officer said: "I visited each of the play schemes, and having taking part in activities, discussion with those responsible for running the schemes and chatting with the children, it was the same response everyone - everyone had a hugely enjoyable time at every one of the play schemes."

Although most of the activities were held during the summer holidays, there was a week of fun activities held during the recent half-term break.

Iwan Trefor Jones, Chairman of Gwynedd’s Children and Young People Partnership added: "We are very pleased to be able to fund as many play schemes which have been so successful. We must thank all staff for their hard work and providing a range of play experiences for children and young people by promoting the Gwynedd Play Strategy."

Some areas run play schemes during school holidays except for summer holidays.

To find out more about the play schemes, contact Ceri Rhiannon, Gwynedd Play Officer on 07770954981.


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