Wednesday, 4 November 2009

FUW’S tale of three jolly Rogers

Welsh farmers can be forgiven for asking the question: "Which Roger Evans do you mean?"

Unusually, there are three Roger Evans's prominent in the dairy industry and they were all present at the recent FUW's eve of Welsh Dairy Show reception.

And the FUW's photographer grasped the opportunity to take this picture in a bid to clarify the situation.

Photograph: Pictured (from left) is Carmarthenshire FUW member Roger Evans OBE, the Welsh Dairy Show's current president and a former chairman of Milk Marque and of the Dairy Council's executive board; Roger Evans, who sits on the Assembly's Dairy Development Centre steering committee and hosted an FUW-organised visit to his farm near Carmarthen before the reception; and Roger Evans, First Milk farmer director and board member of Dairy UK, who runs a 350-acre farm in Shropshire with his son David.


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