Thursday, 12 November 2009

Llysfaen school join forces with police

A primary school in Conwy has joined forces with North Wales Police to use specialist technology that helps to identify stolen property.

Ysgol Tan y Marian in Llysfaen have had ‘Smartwater’ - a unique solution that is used to mark and identify stolen property installed at the school.

Smartwater is already being used to postcode property but many businesses and schools in North Wales are now using the spray device to protect their property. Any individuals who break in to premises will get sprayed with the colourless product which will stay on clothes, skin and hair for some time.

Inspector Jonny Hill from the Community Safety Partnership said: “Ysgol Tan y Marian has a really low crime rate and is already very secure, however this additional measure will make it one of the safest schools in North Wales.

“I am impressed with the schools’ commitment and criminals know that if the Smartwater sign is present, then it really isn’t worth the risk.”

Paul Davies, Head Teacher said: “We work very closely with our Neighbourhood Policing Team, and we see the Smartwater Technology as another way to make our school safe and secure.”

Since February this year, all prisoners going through the custody suite in St Asaph have been scanned under powerful U.V. lights which pick-up the slightest trace of the non-hazardous water based liquid on clothing, hair or skin.

Inspector Hill added: “The beauty of the product is that Smartwater contains a unique forensic code which enables us, through forensic testing, to distinguish the exact location where the individual has broken into.

“Spray pattern analysis can also identify whether the individual was caught under the spray or had it transferred unknowingly on to them at the scene or near the crime scene.”

He added: “Washing or dry cleaning clothes will not remove Smartwater and only a sample the size of a pinhead is needed to establish where the individual was sprayed. It really is an excellent tool.”

The pupils have also had the opportunity to enter a drawing competition with a school security theme. There will be a winner from each year with a Smartwater home kit as a prize as well as a gift from the school.

Businesses and schools wishing to find out more about Smartwater should contact Inspector Hill on 01745 539331.


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