Wednesday, 4 November 2009

The meeting of generations

The Friday lunch club at Age Concern in Port Talbot now have a better understanding of modern technology thanks to pupils from Glan Afan Comprehensive School.

The pupils went along to Age Concern on Older People's Day to teach older people how to use their mobile phones. One elderly lady commented on how clear and patient the young people were as they explained how to text.

The meeting of generations quickly moved on to I Pods and MP3 players and resulted in both generations gaining a better understanding of each other.

"The older people feel grateful that the pupils had taken time to sit down and help them and in return the pupils felt useful and proud of what they had achieved," says Council Leader Ali Thomas.

Next on the modern technology agenda is X boxes and Nintendo Wiis and the pupils have promised to go back before Christmas with electronic equipment to practice on.

Councillor Thomas added, "One of the aims of the Strategy for Older People is to encourage them to become more familiar with modern technology.

"We are grateful to the pupils of Glan Afan to help them to bridge this gap."


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