Monday, 16 November 2009

More than 100 arrested in Newport during drugs crackdown

Over 100 people have been arrested as part of a dedicated two month crackdown on criminal activity, particularly the illegal use and supply of drugs, in the Pill area of Newport.

Launched in September, the objectives of Operation Prudent were to; prevent, investigate and bring to justice those involved in acts of violence, criminality or disorder associated with the unlawful supply of drugs, protect and reassure local residents and develop community intelligence within the Pill ward area.

A total of 113 arrests have been made so far during the operation. These include:

11 arrested for possession of controlled drugs with intent to supply
13 arrested for possession of controlled drugs
5 arrested for possession of an offensive weapon
1 arrested for possession of a firearm
1 arrested for possession of firearm ammunition
7 arrested for robbery
4 arrested for burglary
12 arrested for theft/fraud
3 arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol
2 arrested for criminal damage
27 arrested for public order offences

Quantities of drugs seized include:

1 kilogram of heroin
1 kilogram of cocaine
1 kilogram of amphetamines
1/2 kilogram of crack cocaine

plus, 2 cannabis factories were discovered and dismantled.

In addition to this £28,000 worth of assets were seized under the Proceeds of Crime Act, part of this money will now be used to fund further policing activity. Over 120 motoring offences were also detected and 424 people were stopped and searched.

Pill residents have told us that as a result of the increased police presence and positive action on their streets they now feel more confident and safer in their neighbourhood.

DCI Ian Roberts, leading Operation Prudent is encouraged by this and believes Prudent is having the desired impact;

"This kind of feedback from our communities shows we are really tackling the things that matter.

Drug dealing has been a prime concern for people living in Pill this year and by targeting this we have identified offenders responsible for further criminal activity in the area. I want to assure residents that we are taking a very hard line on illegal supply of drugs and are working closely with the organisations that help those who want to leave drug taking in their past and turn their lives around.

Anyone concerned in the use or supply of illegal drugs in Gwent should know that as well as the arrests and seizures made during this operation, officers have also gleaned a lot of information and intelligence about drug related criminal activity in our communities. Using this we will continue to tackle the issue, and prohibit profiting from illegal drugs in Gwent.”

Information from the public is vital to the police to help tackle drug related criminality. Anyone with information can assist officers by contacting their local policing team on 101 or providing information anonymously to Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.


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