Thursday, 5 November 2009

NPT register of electors

Neath Port Talbot Council's canvass for the new Register of Electors to be published on 1 December, 2009 is now in its final stages.

The Electoral Registration Officer is required, by law, to make every effort to ensure that all eligible people are included in the Register.

Over 63,500 dwellings will have received registration forms during the canvass period and to date just under 88% of households (approximately 55,800) have returned their registration forms.

A door-to-door canvass is about to begin across the county borough using some 70 staff, in order to provide a final opportunity to register to those who have not responded. Those who have registered in previous years but fail to respond this year run the risk of having their names deleted from the Register of Electors.

Steve Phillips, Electoral Registration Officer, who is also Returning Officer for elections, said, "We have started our planning for the UK Parliamentary General Election which will be held before June 3rd next year.

"At this election, the electorate of the Neath and Aberavon constituencies will be voting for a Member of Parliament to represent them, and only those people whose names appear in the Register of Electors will be entitled to vote. Those who have not already registered are urged to do so without delay."

In addition to elections, the Register of Electors is also used for credit reference purposes, and individuals may find that they are unable to obtain credit facilities if their names are not included in the Register.

Other than with certain exceptions, everyone over the age of 18 years, and those who will be 18 before the 30 November, 2010 are entitled to be Registered. The entitlement relates to the address occupied on the
15 October, 2009.

Those who change address after the publication of the new Register can still ask to be included at their new address. Forms are available from the Electoral Registration Office or on the Council's web site

Enquiries should be referred to the Electoral Registration Office for Neath Port Talbot at the Civic Centre, Port Talbot, or telephone 01639-763180 or 763330.


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