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Percussionist Hits the Right Note

Percussionist Philip Howells was the overall winner of this year's Secondary Schools' Music Festival.

The annual festival, which is organised by the Pembrokeshire County Council Music Service and sponsored by Chevron, took place on Saturday (14th November) at Sir Thomas Picton School, Haverfordwest.

Over 400 young musicians from the County's eight secondary schools took part in individual and ensemble competitions throughout the day.

Later in the evening an enthusiastic audience enjoyed a feast of music at a special concert showcasing both the individual winners as well as the winners of the instrumental and vocal ensemble competitions.

Philip Howells of Pembroke School was the Open Percussion Class winner - as well as the overall winner. He performed Paciocchino's Dream by Zizkovich on the marimba.

Winner of the Open Brass was Tenor Horn player (and Phillip's brother) Ryan Howells of Sir Thomas Picton School, who performed Cornocopia by Bram Wiggins accompanied by Simeon Morris

Sam Turton of Greenhill School was the winner of both the Open Woodwind and Piano classes for the second year running. In the woodwind competition he performed Andante and Scherzo by Paul Pierne accompanied by Clive Raymond. For his piano performance he played the 1st movement of Grieg's Piano Sonata.

The Open String Competition was represented by violinist Rebecca Hobbs of Greenhill School, who performed Romanze by Svendsen accompanied by Rebecca Whitehurst.

The winner of the Open Jazz Competition was saxophonist David Crane from Sir Thomas Picton School, who played the unaccompanied If Only by James Rae.

Jessica Cale of Sir Thomas Picton School was the winner of the Open Vocal competition and sang When I am laid in Earth by Henry Purcell.

There were joint winners of the Vocal Ensemble Class - Bro Gwaun Singers and Pembroke School trio. Unfortunately Bro Gwaun singers were unable to perform at the evening concert due to a prior commitment so Pembroke School Trio performed It Don't mean a Thing accompanied by Chris Preddy.

The winners of the Open Ensemble Class were the Greenhill School Clarinet Quintet, who performed the 3rd Movement of Brahms Clarinet Quintet.

The invited professional adjudicators - Peter Morgan, Percussion; Edward Burns, Strings; Christopher Lovegrove, Piano + Keyboard; Ted Wilson, Ensembles; Gareth Kirby, Brass; Dennis Mahoney, Jazz; Jacqui Scaife, Woodwind; Timothy Angel, Voice - were greatly impressed with the high standards and strength of the music on show.

On behalf of the judges Edward Burns congratulated all the participants, as well as staff and parents, who he said had helped make the day such an outstanding success.

Jane James of Chevron said the company was delighted to be involved in such a prestigious event.

The winners of both the solo and ensemble competitions showcased a range of styles - from classical music to contemporary popular songs, jazz and film music - at the evening concert.

Also performing were Sir Thomas Picton School Orchestra conducted by Tim Bourne; Ysgol Greenhill School Orchestra conducted by Paul Rapi;

Milford Haven School Wind Band conducted by Gareth Sanders Swales and Sarah Lloyd. Tasker Milward School conducted by Sarah Richards;

Ysgol Dewi Sant School Orchestra conducted by Tom Earey;

Pembroke School Choir and Orchestra conducted by Chris Preddy and Sammy Hughes; Ysgol Bro Gwaun Orchestra conducted by Adrian Clifford and Ysgol Y Preseli Wind Band conducted by Gareth Sanders Swales.

The master of ceremonies was Chris Llewellyn, the County Music Co-ordinator.


Class 1 Grade 4 Woodwind

1 Libby Roberts Tasker Milward
2 Jnt Francesca Murphy Preseli
2 Jnt Sarah Merritt Greenhill
HC Shona McEvoy Dewi Sant

Class 2 Grade 5 Woodwind

1 Ceri-Ann Absalom STP
2 Hannah Taylor Greenhill
3 Angharad Thomas Preseli
HC Ceridwen Price Dewi Sant

Class 3 Grade 6 Woodwind

1 Sarah Davies Greenhill
2 Molly Brick Tasker Milward
3 Rhodri Maiden Preseli

Class 4 Grade 7 Woodwind

1 Claudia Belli Greenhill
2 Brendan Bunker Pembroke
3 Alex Lucas STP

Class 5 Grade 8 Woodwind

1 Danielle Harries Greenhill
2 Fiona Griffiths Greenhill
3 Eleri Evans Pembroke

Class 6 Open Woodwind

1 Sam Turton Greenhill
2 Sian Evans Pembroke
3 Hollie Lewis Pembroke
HC Katy Harrier STP

Class 7 Grade 4 Brass

1 Kiaran Dearing Tasker Milward
2 Eleanor Armstrong Tasker Milward
3 Sophie Rees STP

Class 8 Grade 5 Brass

1 Jack Roberts Tasker Milward
2 Aled Meredith-Barratt Dewi Sant
3 Tomos Lewis Tasker Milward
HC Llinos Raymond Bro Gwaun
HC Alice Smith STP

Class 9 Grade 6 Brass

1 Ben Williams- Stacey Bro Gwaun
2 Geraint Harries Preseli
3 Alex Morgan Preseli
HC Ben Lawrence Bro Gwaun
HC Thomas Jordan Pembroke

Class 10 Grade 7 Brass

1 Bronwen Parratt Tasker Milward
2 Sam Freeman Milford
3 Gethin Llewelyn Pembroke

Class 11 Open Brass

1 Ryan Howells STP
2 Gareth Trott Tasker Milward
3 Ffion Haf-Williams Preseli
HC Adam Hensman Greenhill
HC Jake Watson STP


Class 13 Strings Grade 4

1 Ella Sutton Dewi Sant
2 David Baggs Preseli
3 Katie Baggs Preseli

Class 14 Strings Grade 5

1 Abbie Andreo Preseli
2 Elinor Davies Dewi Sant
3 Sarah Baggs Preseli
HC Luke Jenkins Dewi Sant

Class 15 Strings Grade 6

1 Rebecca Griffiths Greenhill
2 James Horton Home Educated
3 Madi Phillips STP
HC Christine Calditaran Tasker Milward

Class 16 Strings Grade 7

1 Cethin Ravenhill Pembroke
2 Lara Thomas Preseli
3 Alistair Davies Bro Gwaun
HC Angharad James Preseli

Class 17 Open Strings

1 Rebecca Hobbs Greenhill
2 Hannah Lowe Greenhill
3 Georgia Williams Greenhill
HC Oliver Irving STP


Class 19 Piano Grade 4

1 Mari Lewis STP
2 Lara Thomas Preseli
3 Amber McAnley Pembroke
3 Hannah Rowe Pembroke
HC Sian Lewis STP
HC Madeline Phillips Pembroke

Class 20 Piano Grade 5

1 James Horton Home Educated
2 Tom Milne Bro Gwaun
3 Lois Lewis Preseli
HC Claudia Belli Greenhill

Class 21/22 Piano Grades 6 + 7

1 Blythe McGechan-Davies Preseli
2 Simran Mann Bro Gwaun
3 Josie Green Greenhill
HC Dominic Ciccotti Preseli
HC Catrin Raymond Bro Gwaun
HC George James Pembroke

Class 23 Open Piano

1 Sam Turton Greenhill
2 Josh Wood Milford
3 Talis Spence Greenhill
HC Daniel James Pembroke


Class 26 Kit Percussion Grades 3-6

1 Jordan James Bro Gwaun
2 Mathew John Tasker Milward
3 Tommy Bryant Pembroke
HC Richard Phillips Dewi Sant
HC Peter Lewis Greenhill

Class 27 Orchestral Percussion Grades 3-6

1 Harry Whitehurst Greenhill
2 Carys Evans STP
3 Rhea Hrysicos STP
HC Alice Smith STP

Class 28 Open Percussion

1 Philip Howells Pembroke
2 Dan Brown Greenhill
3 Max Smith-Wrench Greenhill


Class 29 Classical Vocal Years 7-9

1 Jnt Naomi Nicholas Preseli
1 Jnt Bethan Davies Preseli
3 Keya Henderson Tasker Milward

Class 30 Classical Vocal Years 10-13

1 Catrin Raymond Bro Gwaun
2 Caryl Lewis Preseli
3 Blythe Davies Preseli
HC Sam Freeman Milford Haven

Class 31 Non Classical Vocal Years 7-9

1 Gwennan Williams Preseli
2 Sara Watkins Preseli
3 Nicola Clark Preseli
HC Iolo James Preseli
HC Glesni Edwards STP
HC Madi Phillips STP
HC Rhiannon Stephens Milford Haven

Class 32 Non Classical Vocal Years 10-13

1 Rosanna Cale STP
2 Emily Kajaks Pembroke
3 Gemma Johnson Tasker Milward
HC Eleanor Brown
HC Aaron Lewis
HC Bethan Davies
HC Abi Kinnock
HC Isobel Sherwood
HC Abigail Merritt
HC Stacey Etherington

Class 33 Open Vocal

1 Jessica Cale STP
2 Delun Nia Gibby Preseli
3 Lucy Morris Greenhill
HC Naomi Thomas STP


Class 34 Grade 3-5 Jazz

1 Jessica Lewis STP
2 Katie Isles STP
3 Mathew Davies Milford Haven
HC Ben Thomas Preseli

Class 35 Open Jazz

1 David Crane STP
2 Jack Stacey Preseli
3 Dominic Ciccotti Preseli


Class 36a Grade 5 Wind/Brass Ensemble

1 Flute Trio Tasker Milward
2 Recorders Dewi Sant
3 Percussion Ensemble STP

Class 36b Grade 5 String Ensemble

1 Preseli Cello Quartet
2 Tasker Milward Violin Trio
3 Sir Thomas Picton 2 Violins & Piano
HC Preseli Pedwarawd Mared
HC Bro Gwaun String Trio

Class 37 Grade 5-8 Ensemble

1 Greenhill Clarinet Quartet
2 Milford Haven Saxaphone Quartet
3 Sir Thomas Picton Cello Quartet
HC Pembroke Violin Quartet

Class 38 Open Ensemble

1 Greenhill Clarinet Quintet and String Quartet
2 Sir Thomas Picton Jazz Piano Duo
3 Sir Thomas Picton Brass Ensemble

Class 39 Vocal Ensemble

1 Bro Gwaun & Pembroke Trio
2 Sir Thomas Picton Senior Ensemble
3 Greenhill Vocal Ensemble
HC Sir Thomas Picton Junior Ensemble

Class 40 Instrumental Duo

1 Deuawd Ysgol y Preseli Preseli
2 Brendan and Patrick Bunker Pembroke

Photograph: The Individual Winners are pictured with Jane James of Chevron. They include- Rebecca Hobbs, Ryan Howells, Jessica Cale, Sam Turton, Philip Howells and David Crane.


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