Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Pester power used to promote safety

Police in Pembrokeshire are targeting children in a bid to get a safety message across to their parents.

The roads policing unit are concerned they are still issuing fixed penalty notices to adults for not wearing seatbelts despite numerous awareness and enforcement campaigns.

Police are now issuing a leaflet to every school child in the county along with a covering letter for their parents.

Inspector Andy Phillips said: “We have carried out numerous enforcement campaigns and it's disappointing that we are still finding adults putting their lives at risk by not wearing seat belts.

“In the first nine months of this year we issued 350 fixed penalty notices to people not wearing their seatbelt and this is just the number of those we have taken action against.

“The message is clear – wearing seatbelts saves lives. We are hoping this simple message is taken on board by the children and they pass it onto their parents ensuring they clunk click when next in the car.”

The campaign was launched today at St Florence School by Anna Ryder Richardson, the junior road safety officers and the school council.

It forms part of National Road Safety Week.


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