Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Peter Finch is at it again

Poet, biographer of Cardiff and supremo of our national literary organisation, Academi, the wonderful Peter Finch has turned his eye back to his home town and our capital for Real Cardiff three.

Peter's digging behind the city's facades started in 2002 and you'd need to be as blind as French referee around the front row not to notice
Cardiff's changed enourmously in those few short years.

Cardiff Three looks at the new shining city with its sci-fi scenery and shopping centres as well as continuing Peter's literary archaeology, seeking out the people that make Cardiff what it is, gazing at the city from its high rises, finding it's nuclear secrets and even taking a day out to Ely Racecourse.

To launch Real
Cardiff Three Peter's on a mini tour of the town: on November 26 he's in conversation with Jonathan Adams at the Parc Thistle Hotel at 6.30pm. On Wednesday, December 2, he's at the magnificent Wellington Garden's Tea House - a haven of peace and top notch tea mashing just a couple of hundred yards from the Newport Road - at 6pm. On Saturday, December 5, at 2.30pm you'll find him in the Wellfield Bookshop on Wellfield Road, and the following Saturday, December 12, he's in Whitchurch at Siop y Felin for an early start at 11am.

To attend any of these free talks, please email, torikt@seren-books.com and you can check for new events here.


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