Monday, 16 November 2009

A Safer Wales – A Plaid Cymru One-Day Policy Conference

Plaid are holding a one-day policy conference this Friday (November 20) in the Victor Salvi Room, Wales Millennium Centre, Cardiff.

The purpose of this conference will be to identify and analyse the security challenges facing Wales on a domestic and international level.

Key questions will include:
  • How does a modern, progressive nation deal with the security problems of crime and punishment, including violence, drugs related crime and other illegal activity?
  • How do small nations face the problems posed by international terrorism, global poverty and other security dangers?
  • How can Plaid take Wales forward into a sustainable future, thus averting the potential security disasters arising from the current climate crisis, peak oil and massive displacement of people around the world?
With key note speakers Jill Evans MEP, Plaid Cymru European and International Issues Spokesperson and Stephen Thomas, Director, Welsh Centre for International Affairs.

Other panellists include Dr Brieg Powel, Lecturer in International Relations, University of Plymouth; Dr Victoria Basham, Research Fellow in Security Studies, University of Bristol; Elfyn Llwyd MP, Plaid Cymru Home Office and Defence Spokesperson; Phil Edwards, Plaid Cymru Parliamentary Candidate for Aberconwy; Dai Lloyd AM, Plaid Cymru Social Justice Spokesperson; Dr Victoria Winckler, The Bevan Foundation; Leanne Wood AM, Plaid Cymru Sustainability Spokesperson; Helen Nelson, Director, Sustain Wales; Paul Allen, Project Director of Zero Carbon Britain, Centre for Alternative Technology, Machynlleth; and Molly Scott Cato, Reader in Green Economics, University of Wales Institute, Cardiff.


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