Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Tenby Seize Vehicle Used for Anti-social Behaviour

A motorist has had their vehicle seized in Tenby after being warned about using it for anti-social behaviour.

The Tenby Police and Communities Together meeting was informed one motorist had had their vehicle seized after failing to adhere to the warning and another motorist was warned about using their vehicle for anti-social behaviour.

They also told the public that one fixed penalty notice has been issued for speeding,.50 fixed penalty notices were issued by Police Officers for illegal parking within the town and the bus stop in Park Road and that Speed checks carried out in Upper/Lower Park Road with one motorist spoken to.

The meeting was also updated on the action taken in Heywood Lane with one fixed penalty notice issued for deliberately causing obstruction outside the Infants School and one fixed penalty notice issued for causing unnecessary obstruction in Tudor Way.

Members of the public raised concerns about the number of cars illegally parked in White Lion Street and the High Street and these areas will now be targeted by the team.

The meeting also agreed addressing violent crime should remain a priority for the coming month.

The next Tenby Police and Communities Together (PACT) meeting will take place on December 2 from 7-9pm at Augustus Place, Tenby.


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