Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Warning against rogue traders

Police are urging people to be wary, following a spate of distraction burglaries and rogue trader offences.

The offenders have targeted vulnerable elderly people, claiming to be from the council or the electricity board. They have also said that they are fixing slates on roofs or offering to Tarmac driveways.

During the past two weeks incidents have been reported in Conwy, Prestatyn, Denbigh, Old Colwyn, St Asaph and Glanwydden, where the offenders have either distracted the victim and stolen a substsantial amount of cash, or they have claimed that work needed doing and then demanded extortionate amounts of money be paid for the work under taken.

Sgt Craig Adshead said: "The incidents have happened all over the Central Division. The common factor is that the victims are elderly and vulnerable and they keep substantial amounts of money in their houses."

"It needs to be highlighted so that all members of society need to be vigilant and people need to be advised not to keep large sums of money in the house."

How to beat the bogus caller:
  • LOCK: Keep your front and back doors locked, even when at home.
  • STOP: Before you answer, stop and think if you are expecting anyone. Look through the spyhole or window to see who it is.
  • CHAIN: If you decide to open the door, put the door chain or bar on first. Keep the bar or chain on while you are talking to the person on the doorstep.
  • CHECK: Check their details before you let them into your house.
If there is any doubt about the caller, call the Police.


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