Thursday, 5 November 2009

Would you and your kids enjoy fostering?

The children of local foster carers have received a big thank you from Flintshire County Council during October half term.

As part of National Sons and Daughters week, 50 children in Flintshire enjoyed Halloween trips and received a thank you card.

The Fostering Network has launched the National Sons and Daughters week to recognise and celebrate the role played by sons and daughters within foster families.

A thank you card has been sent to every child and young person as a token of thanks for everything that the sons and daughters of foster
carers do within a foster family.

The card was designed by 15 year old Bradley Hunt, who is the son of foster carers.

Suggs, lead singer of Madness, radio DJ and TV presenter, is the son of a foster carer and supports the initiative. He said: “As my mother has been a foster carer for many years, I know what a difference fostering makes to children’s lives.

"While she is an inspiration to me and has helped so many children who’ve had a tough start in life, it is also important to recognise the role the rest of the family plays, particularly a foster carers’ own children. They take on responsibilities too and should get all the help and support
they need. I hope Sons and Daughters Week is a great success and encourages everyone to recognise and value the contribution they make.”

Flintshire County Council’s fostering service also organised Halloween trips to celebrate the week. The Stepping Stones group organises fun trips every school holiday to say thank
you to the foster carer’s own children.

Rebecca Jones,
Flintshire Fostering Team, said: “The older children in the group enjoyed a scary trip to Applejacks Farm. They all got dressed up and enjoyed the haunted house and hayride. Then with the younger children we fed the animals at Greenacres Farm Park and had a fancy dress competition.

"The children always look forward to the trips. For children who are new to fostering it gives them the chance to make new friends.

“Foster carer’s own children play a really important role in fostering.

"When children first arrive at a foster carer’s home, they can be very scared and sad. Just by playing a game or showing them their room, the foster carer’s own children can help them to feel safe. We really appreciate what they do.”

Ellen age 14 who lives with foster children in
Flintshire said: “The good things about fostering are meeting new people, keeping the children company and making them feel welcome. The difficulties were not getting all of the attention.”

More foster carers are needed in
Flintshire. For more information visit Flintshire County Council’s website or call 01352 701000.


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