Sunday, 15 November 2009

Another Brothel Manager Stripped

Nicholas Walter Tredgett of Bradley Stoke, Bristol, who was convicted of money laundering and controlling prostitution at Swansea Crown Court in November 2007, has been ordered to pay back £138,987 or face two more years in prison.

During Operation Pentameter in March 2006, which was led nationally by ACPO; Nicholas Tredgett was arrested at a brothel in Britannia Road, Swansea in possession of a large sum of cash, believed to be the takings from the brothel. He was later linked to further premises in Cardiff and Ipswich, which prostituted vulnerable South Asian women.

In November 2007, Tredgett pleaded guilty to offences of money laundering and controlling prostitution and was sentenced to four years imprisonment. He was then subject to a Regional Asset Recovery Team investigation, which described how Tredgett had funded his lifestyle by criminality and also revealed that at least £250,000 had been transferred to accounts in China.

During the confiscation hearing held at Swansea Crown Court on Tuesday 10th November 2009), His Honour Judge Diehl praised a long and complex investigation. He concluded that Tredgett’s criminal benefit had been £499,544. The available assets including the proceeds of the sale of a house together with monies ordered to return from China.

A confiscation order was made for £138,987 which Tredgett has four months to pay, with a term of two years imprisonment set in default. The Court did not accept Tredgett’s defence that a large portion of the monies held in his accounts belonged to other working girls and should not be included in the calculation of his assets.

Detective Chief Inspector Chris Dodd, Head of Regional Asset Recovery Team (Wales) said:

“This is yet another of the national ‘Pentameter’ investigations which targeted those involved in the trafficked sex-trade and follows the confiscation hearing of Diana Jones who was convicted in December 2007 and made subject of a £2.6 million order in July of this year. In this case, Tredgett pleaded guilty to offences of money laundering and controlling prostitution in premises across the country.

“This confiscation order is the conclusion of a complex investigation which brought together a number of Agencies including South Wales Police, Suffolk Police, the CPS Complex Case Unit and the Wales Regional Asset Recovery Team. By denying organised criminals access to their proceeds and working capital, we seek to protect our community and the trafficked victims of this vile trade. The wider law enforcement community have again reiterated their commitment to pursue criminal assets whenever we can.”


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