Sunday, 15 November 2009

Parents prosecuted for failing to send children to school

Parents of a local school pupil have been fined and given community orders for not sending their children to school on a regular basis.

Wrexham Council’s Education Social Work Service in conjunction with the authority’s legal department has successfully completed its first prosecution under a section of the education act that could potentially carry a custodial sentence.

The parents were both given a 12 month community order and ordered to pay costs of £120 for failing to send their children to school on a regular basis.

Parents who don’t send their children to school now face stiffer penalties under the education act, including possibility of going to prison.

Wrexham Council has been clamping down on truancy in its schools, with school attendance having seen a significant improvement in recent years. According to figures recently released by the Welsh Assembly Government, Wrexham has the best primary school attendance in Wales, as well as the second best secondary school attendance.

Cllr Arfon Jones, Lead Member for Children (Additional Learning, Families and Support) said:

"Anyone who does not send their child to school should be aware they face severe punishment, including a possible sentence. The authority works very hard to improve school attendance and it is important that both children and parents understand the importance of going to school."


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