Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Australian men with tatoos, yes, it's Butterfly Effect

So then, Australian men, tatoos, guitars etc, that's where we going with Butterfly Effect, perhaps the above video has confounded your preconceptions or confirmed your prejudices about Australian men, tatoos, guitars, etc. On youtube it's gone off on one and into a debate about whether Britney's world-wide fanbase means she's any good or, even if you don't like her you should admit that she does have talent.

Oi, people! This is what we call subjective, you see, it's not objective - meaning it can be measured against a set of criteria and judged, it's all in your very own little brain that these things are decided, so just decide them and then shut up, and stop posting comments on youtube you dolts. Sheesh.

All very interesting I'm sure you'll agree, but hardly getting to the root of the matter, which is where can I see these tatood Australian men with their guitars?

Funny you should ask that, you can see them at Cardiff Barfly this very Saturday, in the company of Slaves of Gravity and Touchfinder.

Barfly's just off the end of Queen Street, so you can do your shopping first, because I bet you'll look just great in the subsequent metal club night with your La Senza carrier bag.

The doors open at 7:30pm and if you're under-18 you can just flipping well sod off until you stop being under 18. And all this joy is yours for a bargain £7.50 - I suspect many of you will be drinking lager too, so take about £30 and forget shopping.


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