Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Cuba Cuba @ Barfly Barfly

Cuba Cuba, the balmy tropical island liberated by Fidel Castro Castro and Che Che Guevara in 1958, hold on, no. Cuba Cuba are a rock and pop band. Now, my dear old mother God rest her... Oh, no she isn't is she. Well, my mother always advised me not to wear white, perhaps that's why I'm a Leeds United fan with possibly the largest acreage of sweat-shopped white polyester in all of Cardiff (I'll take on challengers).

But, we're digressing here.

Cuba Cuba, who we now know to be a band, with a touch of the Futureheads to these ears, play Cardiff Barfly on Monday, December 7.

And, it's not just them, oh no indeed. Blitz Kids (do they loot bombsites or something? Only attendance we feel will answer this question adequately) will also be bouncing around while playing electronic guitars on a small raised platform in the time honoured fashion that's proved such a success since Vera Lynn was but a nipper. Here they are doing just that sort of thing - rationing out now!

And, if that weren't enough, Samoans will be doing similar things too! Wow, and the last time Samoans got lively in Cardiff Warren Gatland had to use the word errors 17 times in his post-match interview, so we're expecting big things here.

Three bands and the good people at Barfly offer as their main selling point, and I quote, "Cheap entry and Cheap Drinks," (their capitals) which strikes me as hiding your lights under someone else's bushell.

Time will tell.

Doors at half-past the seven in the PM. Tickets from the usual suspects.


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