Monday, 9 November 2009

Blooming good news for Rhyl lake

Up to 70 volunteers are gearing up for a day of pruning, planting and weeding around Marine Lake, Rhyl, on November 17, in readiness for the Wales in Bloom competition 2010.

Marine Lake featured for the first time in the competition this year and Denbighshire is working on the community project in conjunction with the
Rhyl Wales in Bloom Committee, Rhyl Environmental Association, Barclays Bank, Marine Lake Users Forum and some other organisations.

Thanks to a pledge for volunteers put forward by Barclays Bank (who assisted in the 2009 entry with providing volunteers to tidy up the main entrance of Marine Lake, weeding and planting) the bank has again offered between 30 and 70 volunteers for the day in preparation for the 2010 competition .

Also, Wales in Bloom/Barclays has also offered up £2,000 to put into a project and the
Rhyl Wales in Bloom committee agreed they would like to see the resources put into Marine Lake.

The 30-70 volunteers will be involved in various activities including planting, weeding, tidying and improving different sections of Marine Lake.

Garry Davies from Denbighshire’s Countryside Services will also take a group of volunteers onto the island in the middle of the lake to do some much needed maintenance of the island habitat. The will also be making and installing bird and bat boxes during the day for the south west corner of the lake.


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