Monday, 9 November 2009

Carwyn Jones on the nuclear option

Welsh Labour Leadership candidate, Carwyn Jones has commented on the statement made today by the Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change, Ed Miliband, on future energy policy in the UK.

Carwyn Jones said:

"Today's statement by Ed Miliband, offers clarity to the direction we need to travel in the future, if we are to take the necessary action required to address climate change. I want Wales to meet its obligation to tackle climate change by having a balanced, diverse, flexible and more secure energy policy.

"I have already made my position clear on the role Wales should play, in helping the UK deliver on its collective energy needs in the years to come. Today's National Policy Statement has clear implications for Wales and I recognise that nuclear has a role to play in the years ahead, providing we take the necessary steps to seriously address issues relating to waste.

"If today's plans for Wylfa come to fruition in the future, I want to make sure Wales will address the crucial matter of nuclear waste strategically, properly and responsibly. If I become First Minister, I will work with CoRWM (Committee on Radioactive Waste Management), to ensure that happens. The sustainable management of nuclear waste is not optional - it must take place, for the sake of our planet and our children."


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