Monday, 2 November 2009

Carwyn to launch manifesto with pledge on education investment

A bold pledge to give Wales's children the best start in life by increasing spending on their education by at least one per cent above the block grant allocation, will be made by Welsh Labour Leadership candidate, Carwyn Jones, when he launches his manifesto at an event in Cardiff later today.

In his manifesto, the Bridgend AM will set out a forward-looking and progressive policy platform, which will address the challenges facing both the people of Wales and his Party.

Speaking of the achievements of Welsh Labour in Government in the Assembly since devolution, Carwyn will also warn his Party against complacency by urging them to rise to the expectations of the country, saying:

"We have done a lot as a Labour-led Assembly Government. But we can and must do better. The people of Wales know we can do better. They want us to do better. Our challenge is to make things happen."

Carwyn is expected to 'raise the bar' in the debate on tackling poverty in Wales, by being the only candidate to make education spending a major 'weapon' in eradicating poverty in Wales. He will make the bold promise to increase expenditure on schooling for children - in the face of overall public spending constraints, by saying:

"Education is the route out of poverty. My government would look to increase education spending by at least 1% above the block grant we receive from the UK Government to ensure the best outcomes for Welsh children, with a sharp focus on inequalities in education."

In addition to this, Carwyn's ambitious 'Agenda for Wales’s Children' will also include a focus on providing better integrated and affordable childcare, building on Sure Start and Flying Start, a co-ordinated government plan to support looked after children, reviewing youth services across Wales to make sure they are fit for purpose and child-proofing all Assembly Government policies.

Carwyn will also emphasise what he describes as the two biggest challenges facing Wales - climate change and the economy - by saying:

"Climate change both presents our biggest threat and our biggest economic opportunity – to fit our economy to the challenge."

He will set out a series of proposals through which Wales can move forward on both the economy an climate change.

The manifesto will also set out how Carwyn will seek to deliver on his long-held and passionate commitment towards social justice. He will spell out how he seeks to re-energise and modernise Wales's proud tradition of supporting and promoting fairness and equality, by saying:

"We are proud in Wales of our community socialist values – core values that have stood our people well in times of hardship. I want to see the public pound go further in creating stronger communities across Wales, whether it is providing good housing, promoting shared neighbourhoods, reducing crime and violence or rewarding creativity. In tough times, we will be judged as socialists by how we treat the most vulnerable. Social justice is our defining principle."

The manifesto document will build on the comprehensive range of policy themes that have been unveiled by Carwyn over the last week - themes that have addressed the future of Welsh public services, how Wales will compete with skilled jobs and apprenticeships, an ambitious strategy for manufacturing, improving Wales's environment and transforming healthcare across the country.

Commenting ahead of the manifesto launch, Carwyn's Campaign Manager and Rhondda AM, Leighton Andrews, said:

"Carwyn's manifesto is by far, the boldest and most progressive policy platform produced in this contest to date. Over the last year, Carwyn has tirelessly travelled the length and breadth of Wales listening and engaging - not just with Party members - but people from all walks of life about the kind of Wales they want to see in the future.

"This manifesto is the product of Carwyn's discussions over that period. It will set out not just his vision for the kind of Wales people want and deserve in the years ahead, but also the direction of travel. People want a confident, ambitious, tolerant and prosperous Wales - and Carwyn is the person who will deliver it.

"The time has come for Carwyn to lead both our Party and our country. It's time for Carwyn."


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