Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Celebrate Bonfire Night safely says Minister

Attending an organised firework display is a safe and fun way of celebrating Bonfire Night, Minister for Social Justice and Local Government Dr Brian Gibbons says.

"Every year we hear of people being injured by fireworks, mainly children under the age of 16. This can turn a fun event into a tragedy. Safety must therefore be at the front of people’s minds as everyday fire risks become much higher on Bonfire Night.

"Organised events are often more fun, cost effective, and generally more spectacular than private displays and I would recommend people to attend such events.” The Minister said.

"Where people are planning private displays, I would urge those people planning to buy fireworks for private displays to rigidly follow the Fireworks Code and abide by the Fireworks Regulations.

"The run up to Bonfire Night is also used by a senseless minority as an excuse for anti-social behaviour. This will not be tolerated and will be severely dealt with by the appropriate authority."


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