Thursday, 12 November 2009

'No cold calling zone' introduced in Ringland

The Safer Newport Partnership has launched a ‘No Cold Calling Zone’ in an area of Ringland to put a stop to bogus callers.

Residents of the Treberth and Bishpool area will soon see an end to unwanted callers at their front doors after a ‘No Cold Calling Zone’ was authorised by the Safer Newport partnership with input from Gwent Police, Newport Housing Trust and Newport City Council. Action was taken after Newport East Neighbourhood Policing Team listened to concerns from residents on the estate complaining about suspected rogue traders and distraction burglars.

Every resident of Treberth and Bishpool will now be given an information pack on the ‘No Cold Calling Zone’ and a window sticker to deter unwanted callers. Signs marking the zone will also be displayed on lampposts around the estate.

A Neighbourhood Watch group has recently been set up in the area and PCSOs have spoken to residents who are predominantly elderly and vulnerable to make them aware of how to deal with bogus callers on their doorsteps.

Pc Leanne Pole, of Newport East Neighbourhood Policing Team, said:
“Many of the residents in the area are elderly and vulnerable and this ‘No Cold Calling Zone’ gives them a clear authority to turn people away from their doorsteps. It’s not designed to stop legitimate callers such as the milkman or gas board representative - it’s to stop bogus callers. People should always check the identity of people who call at their home and if that means shutting the door on them while you call the company they work for, so be it. The zone is a result of residents calling us, reporting suspicious behaviour and expressing their concerns.”

Phil Toms, chief executive of Newport Housing Trust, said:
“We welcome and fully support the ‘No Cold Calling Zone’ idea. Our residents want to feel safe and secure in their own homes. We have worked with Gwent Police in the past to design out crime on our estates and this is an excellent extra step.”

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