Friday, 30 October 2009

Carmarthenshire in the running to reel in Japanese company

Carmarthenshire County Council is in discussions with a large Japanese manufacturing firm with a view to them establishing their UK base in the county.

The business is well respected and is the largest manufacturer of its product in the world.

If they decide to invest in Carmarthenshire, the company will create around 20 jobs straight away, with further jobs down the line as part of the firm’s plans for developing a state of the art factory in South West Wales.

Through lengthy discussions between the firm, West Wales Chamber of Commerce and Carmarthenshire County Council the project could see a 10-year plan being implemented locally, possibly in the Amman Gwendraeth area.

Deputy leader of Carmarthenshire County Council, Cllr Kevin Madge, said: “The lure of Carmarthenshire for a company such as this is clear for all to see.

“We’ve offered a superb property deal to the company and will assist with securing funding for the inward investor too.

Carmarthenshire offers a genuine hook for a company such as this who not only have immediate plans but also a long term vision as to how they see the firm growing in the next 10 years.”

West Wales Chamber of Commerce President Stuart Taylor added: “Netting such a key project in the region would be a real boost for the local economy and goes some way to starting a turn around for the area.

“This project clearly shows that this part of the world is still capable of landing key inward investors.”

The firm is due to make an announcement in November.

Until then, all discussions are being kept confidential.

Carmarthenshire County Council Business Development Officer Jamie Reynolds said: “Needless to say, we’re all waiting with baited breath for a positive outcome over the coming weeks.”


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