Monday, 26 October 2009

Quality toilets unveiled at Quadrant

Plans have been unveiled for new high-quality toilets when Swansea's re-vamped bus station opens next year.

The former Quadrant bus station toilets were the city's busiest and temporary toilets were introduced in the area when they were closed.

And to ensure the new toilets are maintained to a high standard in future years, the Council is bringing forward proposals to charge users 20p a time to use the new facilities when they open.

The move, if approved by Cabinet when it meets next week, could generate around £80,000 a year which will be invested in maintaining the toilets. This will also contribute to the provision of a free state-of-the-art changing facility for people with profound and multiple learning difficulties.

John Hague, Cabinet Member for Environment, said that other Councils in Wales, including Carmarthenshire and Cardiff, have been charging users at some public toilets for a number of years.

"Swansea has a good reputation for the quality of its toilet provision and our staff have won a number of awards over the years for the work they do in keeping the toilets clean, presentable and safe," he said.

"By introducing a small charge for the use of the new toilets at the bus station we will be able to maintain them to a high standard over the years to come and ensure users get the service they expect.

"This isn't a new idea. Other local authorities have been charging up to 20p for the use of some of their toilets for some time."

The Cabinet will also be looking at the principle of whether or not to charge for the use of some other public toilets in Swansea as well.

Cllr Hague stressed: "No decisions have been made about introducing charges at any other council run public conveniences in the city. Each site would have to be looked at individually and a practicable and sound business case produced before any further introduction of charges.

"Our aim as a Council is to provide a good public convenience service and maintain and improve on standards that have helped us win awards in the past."


  1. Not ground breaking news really is it...

  2. Hi Anonymous,

    Thank you for your comment, we like feedback of all sorts, its grist to our mills.

    You're right, it's not earth shattering, but it is a council spending public money and people ought to know about it.

    We're quite new and we hope to expand our coverage as we grow - in time we'd love to have a Swansea corespondent who can help paint the bigger picture.

    If you're interested in writing for us - and we're interested in contributers on all sorts of subjects, we can't pay yet, but we'll byline you and treat you and your copy like a professional journalist's - just drop us a line through the links on the main site.


    Assistant Editor Welsh Icons.


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