Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Residents surveyed on voting and elections

Swansea Council is surveying its residents on voting and elections to learn more about what people know about elected members and how they would like to vote for them.

The move is part of Local Democracy Week 2009 which takes place from October 12 to October 18..

It only requires a few minutes to complete the online questionnaire. Each question has a selection of answers to choose from.

There are questions such as do you know who your Ward Councillor is through to questions about how you would like to vote in future.

Swansea Council is one of hundreds of Councils across the UK taking part in the Local Democracy Week campaign to get people more involved with and aware of their local Council.

Mandy Bebb, Swansea Council Electoral Registration Officer, said: "The survey is completely anonymous but we hope that it will give us an insight into why people vote or choose not to and how services could develop to ensure that more people exercise their democratic rights."

To take part in survey please go to


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