Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Sicknote getting sicker

Here at Welsh Icons we're often to be found tapping our toes and smiling approvingly across the tops of our fine bone china tea cups to the sound of Cardiff's Sicknote.

They're one of our favourite bands - an exciting collision of live and processed beats, electro and house sounds and and good old fashioned rock and roll shock. It's hard to describe their sound and it's best witnessed right between the eyes at one of the venues that is yet to ban their incendiary live show. Dog House isn't a singer, and he's not a rapper as the word is usually understood - think Mark E Smith and Underworld's Karl Hyde, or maybe an angry and disillusioned man shouting in the street while shoppers scatter and you'll be heading in the right direction.

If there's a band truer to the spirit of punk rock in the internet age, we're yet to meet them.

They crawl across social networking sites like some hideous virus and they're DIY through and through from the way they release their music and borderline legal merchandise. They blog, they tweet, they poke and they usually swear when they're doing it. Pranksters maybe, but deadly serious about what they do.

The video above is their latest collaboration and features the twisted visuals of illustrator and animator Norris Nuvo.

See their myspace, facebook, twitter, or website to check your condition.


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