Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Tidy gardens

A Scheme to give older people’s gardens a one-off tidy up has been an outstanding success.

More than 180 people asked for help this year from the Garden Tidy Scheme run by Age Concern Sir Gar.

Age Concern Sir Gar runs the Garden Tidy Scheme which uses young offenders to carry out work supervised by the probation Service on gardens for people aged 70 and over who cannot do it themselves and have no immediate family within 6-10 miles, or aged 50+ on Disability Living Allowance or similar benefit and with no family within 6-10 miles. There is no charge for the service.

The project has been limited to the Llanelli area in recent years as of this year the service can be offered to people anywhere in Carmarthenshire following a £7,200 donation from the county council’s 50+ Strategy.

The funding authorised by 50+ Champion Cllr Kevin Madge has been used to buy new equipment such as mowers and strimmers.

Age Concern Sir Gar chief officer Ann Dymock said: “The Probation Service provides young offenders for two or three days a week from April to October and they can tidy about 6-8 gardens a week.

“They do work such as cutting back hedges and shrubs, and tackling the lawns. It is of great benefit to people who have not done anything to their garden for years because they have been unable to.

“We have had more than 180 referrals and the vast majority of these have been completed, with a small number still to do. The scheme has gone very well.

“The feedback we’ve had from people whose gardens have been done is that they are delighted.”

Eireen Williams and her husband Meurig, who are in their 60s, had work done at their home in Blaenau Road, Llandybie, under the Garden Tidy Scheme.

Mrs Williams said: “We have quite a large garden and had the lawns mowed and hedges cut. We are both registered disabled and need help with the garden.”

Cllr Kevin Madge said: “The Garden Tidy scheme is an excellent scheme which has helped many people in the Llanelli area and is this year helping more than 180 households right across Carmarthenshire.

“I’m delighted that I was able to put in extra funds to extend the benefits of the scheme throughout the county.”

The Garden Tidy Scheme will be accepting referrals from next February on 01554 784080.

If you want to join the county’s 50+ Forum, which provides a voice for older people in Carmarthenshire, please contact Ruth Lake on 01267 234567.


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