Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Welsh Rural Affairs Minister and her Chief Veterinary Officer are named UK Farming Champions of the year

Welsh Rural Affairs Minister, Elin Jones and her Chief Veterinary Officer, Christianne Glossop, were last night named UK Farming Champions of the Year at the Farmers Weekly Awards 2009.

The Awards are given to individuals who have made an outstanding commitment to British farmers. The two leading Welsh Agricultural figures were recognised:

  • for their ongoing work to support rural communities and farmers in Wales, and;
  • for their far-sighted approach to tackling TB.
Awards host Julia Bradbury said:

"The two women have brought together politicians, scientists and farmers to resolve a crisis that continues to defy the rest of the British Isles. They knew their stance would be controversial, but they took comprehensive advice, have been prepared to face criticism and are pursuing an approach for Wales that both believe is vital to keep cattle, and wildlife, healthy."

Speaking about her award, the Minister said:

"It is a genuine honour for my Chief Veterinary Officer and me to be named Farmer’s Champions of the Year. It is particularly meaningful to be given this accolade by Farmers Weekly, a publication that is so well regarded within the industry.

"I am determined to build on the progress we have made so far and over the next year will continue with my work to support rural communities in Wales.

"This will include continuing with our programme to eradicate TB in Wales, working to attract new entrants to the farming industry through our Young Entrants Support Scheme (YESS) and preparing for the introduction of our new agri-environment scheme Glastir, which will reward farmers for managing land in a way that will meet many of the priorities of today’s society."


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