Saturday, 24 October 2009

Crackdown on Foreign Lorry Drivers

Dyfed Powys Police are cracking down on foreign lorry drivers who try to evade the law.

In Pembrokeshire, officers are trialling a graduated fixed penalty scheme for traffic offences.

The scheme can be applied to anyone who doesn’t have a permanent UK address at the time of the offence.

Chief Inspector Steve Matchett said: “In the past foreign drivers have been stopped but prosecutions through the court have proved difficult because the offender cannot be traced.

“This scheme allows us to ensure the driver pays a deposit on the road side or they vehicle is prohibited.

“This has resulted in lorry drivers and their companies getting a clear message that they ensure their vehicles are safe and their drivers are legal before coming on our roads.”

Since July 1 in Pembrokeshire 53 graduated fixed penalty notices were issued to a value of over £8,000.

If the scheme proves successful it will be extended to other areas of the force.


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